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We do recover…

We do recover…



I'm very grateful for all of you guys y'all have stuck by me been there for me at my hardest moments I couldn't have done it without any of you all y'all are like my family y'all are my family each and every one of I love you and thank you all so much. 6.24.19


I love you guys...you have become my family....you have yet to give up on me..you showed me that i can recover and inspired me to help others on my journey to recovery..i am working hard and i love the 12 step program..i have found me a home group in a.a and im seeing the promises that this program has promised...its amazing...im working harder than i ever have in this program...thank yall for saving my life...thank u guys for believing in me...this is the best program around. 6.23.19


I will forever be grateful to all the staff at ICGH. You have allowed God to use you as his hands, feet, and mouth to give me my daughter back. 30 days in and there has been so much change in her. My prayers and support will forever be with you all. #onedayatatime #forevergrateful 6.23.19


The people of ICGH have gave me my life back. I went in thinking my life was over and this was just another facility that was gonna give me medication that would work for a little while and send me on my way. Each and everyone of them have taken the time to sit and have a conversation with me from day 1. I’m currently in SACOT and can’t express how grateful I am for the program and the people that make up ICGH. Keep up the good work guys. One day at a time 😉 6.23.19


great program..great doctors and great people..the best program out there💛💛 10.15.18


Great group of people dr rudisill is the best he takes time to listen to you he cares about his patients and his staff are very professional great place thank you Dr R. 1.19.17


No doubt the doctors and staff here genuinely care for the well being of the patient. I honestly would not be where I am today had I not came to this particular practice. 10.18.14