Our Mission

To promote self-sufficiency and pro-social life choices through effective person-centered education, training, and treatment programs.

Beat Depression or Anxiety, Kick the Drug or Alcohol habit, Overcome Trauma… with our help

Here at Integrated Care, we offer a patient-centered option for those suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, or substance use disorders. Our skilled counselors and caring staff will provide our patients with the support and confidence needed to wrestle with the devastating disease of addiction. This is more than just another counselor, physician practice, or drug rehab. This is RECOVERY!

If you or a loved one suffer from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, then you have been through enough suffering already. Call us today to let us help you find freedom.

All treatment plans for patients incorporate medication management along with counseling, as well as other effective interventions. Due to the ravages of drugs and alcohol in our society, our services for substance use disorder focus on the Twelve-Step counseling model with medication-assisted treatment using buprenorphine-containing medications (Suboxone, Subutex, Zubsolv, etc.). But we aren't your usual drug rehab or treatment center! We will work with you closely to maintain focus on your recovery and coming off of any replacement medications slowly over time. Our goal is to help you organize your life and live happy, joyous, and free OUTSIDE of our clinic.




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