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Are you nervous about drug testing your staff? Are you certain the company drug screens reflect the actual prescriptions for pain medicine the employee is taking? Are you experiencing lower performance and more accidents [often unreported] due to an employee drug problem that is not being addressed? Are there overlapping problems with alcohol and stimulants? Afraid to lose staff if appropriate testing is performed?

The opioid epidemic has become a serious problem in the United States, impacting every demographic segment of the population. Employers are on the front line of this problem, both because of the impact employees with opioid addiction can have on workplace safety and because these addictions can begin with prescriptions for work-related injuries.

ICGH has worked with employees in manufacturing, healthcare, and numerous other fields. We have licensed behavioral therapists to accurately diagnose the problem and implement a recovery-oriented treatment plan. We have in-house doctors and medical staff to provide the medication often needed to address the opiate addiction problem. Suboxone® and other formulations can block the effects of opiates and prevent withdrawal symptoms so patients can begin and stay in recovery. We are the only agency with a toxicology lab on-site for quick and accurate test results, which enable our team to deliver the highest quality of care possible. ICGH can also be your company’s on-site random drug testing provider. Furthermore, the local pharmacy staff do not need to know about your employee’s treatment for addiction. We provide an in-house pharmacy for convenient pick-up during any medical visits, which ensures complete confidentiality.

We offer other EAP counseling for other behavioral problems as well, such as anxiety, trauma, depression, and grief counseling, which affect the health, well-being, and productivity of your staff. BCBS, UHC, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and many other health insurance plans accepted.

Call ICGH at 828-322-5915, ext 220 and ask our staff to schedule a meeting with your executives at your site or on our campus to develop an employee assistance program that works for your company!

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