DAY ONE: Transitional Housing

DAY ONE: Transitional Housing


How did I end up homeless?


This is where addiction and alcoholism took me…

Many of us in long-term recovery look back and remember asking ourselves the same thing. This is where my disease took me. In and out of jail, jobless, alone, and homeless.  

How are we different?

 Shared Experience…

At Integrated Care of Greater Hickory, Inc., our clinical staff and peer support specialists need to let you know that we were there also. But not any longer. Treatment that leads to Long-Term Recovery is the KEY.


Where do I start?

 We are here to help today…

For those persons suffering from substance use disorders, who are also homeless, in unsafe housing, housing not conducive to recovery, or currently in a shelter, DAY ONE can offer a shared apartment with other in treatment.

 DAY ONE is more than shelter?

-       Transportation to treatment appointments and meetings in the recovery community

-       Employment Assistance

-       Education Assistance

-       Life Skills Training

-       Peer Support

-       Shared Journey

How do I get started today with DAY ONE…

 Don’t wait.

Call ICGH today to enroll in one of our programs, or if already enrolled, ask your counselor for an application. If you are already connected with a service provider, such as Lincoln County Jails, DSS, TASC, or other, sign a release and have your case worker contact us directly. Don’t wait.

 Who We Are…

About Us

Hickory Medical Properties, LLC, is a Property Management Entity partnered with Integrated Care of Greater Hickory, Inc., to provide sober living housing during treatment for substance use disorders.

Contact Us

Phone: 828-322-5915, ext. 220



We work with persons suffering from pain pill addiction, heroin addiction, alcohol addiction, meth and other stimulant addiction, Xanax and other benzodiazepine / sedative addiction. We work with those suffering from mental illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD and other trauma issues. Some need medication, like Suboxone, Vivitrol, Zubsolv, antidepressants, or other behavioral health medications.